Choose from 3 quality schools.

California Language School (CLS)
Mon - Thu: 9:00am → 1:00pm

ESL Daily class Schedule
  • Conversation
  • Grammar & Writing
  • Reading & Vocabulary

CL America Education Institute (CAL)
Mon - Fri: 8:45am → 12:45pm

ESL Daily class Schedule
  • Conversation
  • Grammar & Writing
  • Reading & Vocabulary

Language Systems Int'l (LSI)
Chose from 18, 24 or 36 hours/week of lessons

The Following courses are available
  • ESL
  • Business English
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • TOEIC Preparation
  • GMAT.RE Preparation
  • Conversation

The Fees

Up to 3 months

School Hours per week Room type 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Month 6 Weeks 2 Months 3 Months
CLS 18 / mon-fri Single x x x x x $4,080
Double x x x x x $3,570
CAL 20 / mon-fri Single x x $1,632 x $3,095 $4,415
Double x x $1,447 x $2,755 $3,905
LSI 18 / mon-fri Single $1,256 $1,584 $1,816 $2,894 $3,177 $4,512
Double $1,171 $1,457 $1,643 $2,388 $2,837 $4,002
24 / mon-fri Single $1,373 $1,731 $1,987 $3,132 $3,456 $4,909
Double $1,288 $1,607 $1,814 $2,877 $3,116 $4,399
36 / mon-fri Single $1,625 $2,044 $2,429 $3,597 $4,045 $5,751
Double $1,540 $1,917 $2,178 $3,342 $3,705 $5,241
*Taking more than 18 hours/week requires a student visa or a proof of local residency. (US passport, Green card, Valid Visa)

4 months

School Hours per week Room type 4 Months 6 Months 9 Months 11 Months 12 Months
CLS 20 / mon-fri Single $5,690 $8,224 $12,028 $14,936 $15,736
Double $5,010 $7,204 $10,498 $13,066 $13,696
CAL 20 / mon-fri Single $6,420 $9,670 $14,010 $17,120 $18,220
Double $5,940 $8,620 $11,480 $15,250 $16,180
LSI 18 / mon-fri Single $6,274 $9,171 $13,251 $16,015 $17,369
Double $5,608 $8,151 $11,721 $14,155 $15,329
24 / mon-fri Single $6,793 $9,899 $14,296 $17,277 $18,739
Double $6,113 $8,879 $12,767 $15,407 $16,699

What is included (what's not)

The fees includes
School fees (application, tuition, I-20), SEVIS I-901, Housing, Personal Support

The fees don't include

  • Meals: The housing does not server you meals.
  • Transportation: Metro monthly Pass for visa holders are $32. Non visa holders are $62.
  • Textbooks: We are keeping the text books that students have left. You can use them for free.
  • Utilities: The actual cost of utilities is charged separately - It is around $33 a month.


California International University

Video about CIU

  • Maintained strong educational standards and effective instructional techniques for over 3 decades since 1973.
  • Authorized by United States Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service to accept international students and issue I-20 for your F-1 Visa.
  • Half a block from the Metro Red Line subway station (Wilshire & Vermont) and express & local bus services.
  • Diverse students from all over the world. Mostly from Asia, South America and East Europe. CIU attracts a wide range of people from many cultures and backgrounds.
  • Small class sizes, averaging from 8 -16, to enhance communication and individual care between instructors and students.
  • Encourages you to pursue your own goals. CIU authorizes you to take classes at other schools using your CIU-issued I-20.
Computer Lab Lounge Library CIU生徒   Classroom
2014 Term Schedule
Winter Break 12/23 1/5
2014 Spring Semester 1/6 3/28
2014 Summer Semester 3/31 6/20
Summer Break 6/23 6/28
2014 Fall Semester 6/28 9/19
Fall Break 9/22 9/27
2014 Winter Semester 9/29 12/19
CIU accepts new I-20 students within 3 weeks of the term start dates.  
CIU Teachers




Video about LSI

  • Variety of Language Programs
  • Go to College without a TOEFL®
  • Convenient Class Schedules
  • Advisors Speaking Your Language
  • Great Location
  • School-Sponsored Activities

LSI Campus

LSI Looung Looung Computer Lab LSI Computer Lab LSI Classroom

LSI Looung LSI Reception

Student Housing

Student Housing Building

Video about Housing

Office Able offers comfortable international housing where you will develop real life English interaction skills with other diverse housemates while you learn proficient functional English at school.

Our student housing is not a traditional dormitory with a lot of regulations. We believe in mutual respect for one another is guiding principle. A great success has been achieved through this policy. Residents are from all over the world and live together as housemates. Our housing gives the students the opportunity to make life-time friends from different cultures and actively get involved in American community. It's fun!

What we have

WIFI | Full-equipped Kitchen | Free Laundry | Free Rice and Water

Front Door Living Living Kitchen Single Room Single Room Single Room Double Room Double Room Bathroom

Extensive Support

Emergency 24/7 assistance includes ride to a hospital, roadside assistance or any emergency you might encounter. Sometimes there are occasions that require extra caution.

You might want to rent your own apartment, buy a car, rent a car, apply for regular college. In such occasions, we offer you the most careful assistance possible and watch every step by you side.

When someone comes from another country, he/she needs help on various occasions. Also, there are lots of jobs, volunteer and internship opportunities.

  • US visa acquirement assistance
  • Airport pick-up
  • Initial orientation
  • Constant help with your English
  • Emergency 24/7 assistance
  • Banking
  • Metro student pass acquirement assistance
  • Driver's license acquirement assistance
  • Employment, visa status assistance
  • Educational Counseling


Step-by-Step Application Process


  • click on "Apply Now" below. If you are not sure of the enrollment dates, that's OK. Just put your most possible date for now. You can change the dates later.
  • When we receive your application online, we make sure that we can get you a room. Then the school issue an acceptance letter and send it with an initial deposit invoice (30% of the program fee)

Non visa application

  • Pay the initial deposit.
  • Make your travel arrangement and inform us of the flight information so we can arrange your airport pick-up.
  • We'll send you the invoice of remaining balance 3 week before your departure date. This is because we do not want to keep your money longer than necessary, but if you rather pay all at once, you can accept it.
  • We'll send you important information about entering the country and airport pick-up. Even if you do not follow our instruction, they probably will let you in the country. However, they might take you to an examine room and keep you for hours.

Visa-acquired applicants

  • Pay the initial deposit.
  • We'll inform you of the instruction in how to apply for us student visa.
  • When we confirm the payment, we will issue and send I-20 and SEVIS I-901.
  • Please make an interview appointment with your local American embassy.
  • When you get a visa, please make your travel arrangement and inform us of the flight information.
  • We'll send you the invoice of remaining balance(70% of the program fee). This includes an option to pay as you arrive with traveler's check.
  • We'll send you the important instruction on US entry and airport pick-up.

When you arrive in America

  • We'll pick you up at the airport and take you to your new home.
  • We'll give you an orientation to familiarize you with the area and safety issues.