Bringing flexibility to workspace


Did you know more than 21% of office space was empty at the end of the year? turns your underutilized office space into income. Listing is free and takes just 5 minutes until you're ready for your first booking.

Host Benefits

  • Monetize empty/underutilized space in 5 minutes
  • Set controls over who books, pricing, duration, and more so you only get requests that fit your preferences
  • We handle payment for you. No upfront fees, just a low commission based on your rental income
  • Client Benefits

  • Rent workspace outside the multi-year lease
  • Find a quiet, professional setting for daily work outside the house or an important meeting/Zoom call
  • No memberships or subscriptions, pay only for what you get
  • Do you have workspace others could use?

    If you have a space to list or know someone that'd be interested, we're offering a FREE professional real estate photography session AND a 1 hour coaching session absolutely FREE when you create a listing! Start by booking a tour of your space so we can find out how to best monetize what you have.