Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to list on

Answer: Yes! There are absolutely no upfront fees for listing on You can create an unlimited number of listings for free on There are only fees for transactions. We charge Hosts 3% of rental income. For example, if you booked a single day reservation for $50.00, you will receive $48.50. This means that there is no risk or financial downside to listing on!

What kind of listings can I find on

Answer: You can find anything and everything, from Private Offices to Shared Desks, Cubicles, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Podcast Studios, Photo Studios, Broadcasting Studios, and more! Any workspace is eligible to list on!

There are no listings in my area. Why?

Answer: We are currently focusing on Dallas, TX but have plans to expand much larger! If you do not see a listing today, stay posted as we are working to expand the platform.