Furnishing Guide

Use this furnishing guide to create a high-demand listing that's delightful to use and easy to maintain. In need of specific recommendations? Contact us to explore a customized design from the experts at Vari.


Clients love desks that are clean, in good condition, and spacious:

  • Electric desk for under $250
  • L-shaped desk for under $100
  • 55-inch wide desk for under $100
  • Chairs

    Sturdy and comfortable chairs ensure a satisfying work experience:

  • Executive office chair for under $125
  • Gaming office chair for under $80
  • Classic office chair for under $85
  • Tables

    Meetings and presentations require large tables in good condition and clean:

  • 8-foot conference table
  • 6-foot portable training table
  • Accent Furniture

    Accent furniture provide spots to place belongings while adding personality:

  • Industrial coffee table
  • Industrial end table
  • Industrial accent table
  • Accent chair
  • Storage cabinet
  • Coffee Maker

    Clients love an easy-to-use coffee maker with flavorful options:

  • Keurig coffee maker in many colors under $100
  • Brewer coffee maker
  • Artisinal espresso and cappuccino maker
  • Printer

    Clients want to quickly connect to the printer and print without hassle:

  • Large-scale wireless printer, scanner, copier
  • Large-scale laser printer, copier, scanner
  • Smaller-scale wireless printer
  • TV

    An easy-to-use TV prevents clients from losing valuable presentation time:

  • 50-inch Roku TV- displays from PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Has a single remote with few buttons
  • Google Chromecast turns any TV into a smart TV that can be connected to from a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device
  • Computer Monitor

    Monitors give clients a secondary larger display:

  • 32-inch computer monitor with 2 HDMI inputs for under $250
  • 21-inch computer monitor with HDMI input for under $160
  • HDMI cable
  • Whiteboard

    Whiteboards provide great utility to clients who are brainstorming:

  • Whiteboard- great for private offices and studios
  • Whiteboard on easel- great for conference rooms and meeting rooms
  • Accessories

    Accessories are little things that make a big impact and delight your clients:

  • Organizer with compartments and drawer
  • Phone stand with area for charging cord
  • Mouse pads with patterns
  • Surge protector with power and USB
  • Laptop stand
  • Offices supplies kit with pens, pencils, stapler, and more
  • Decor

    Give your listing personality and color so it stands out:

  • Decor to add personality to your listing
  • Wall art to give your listing character
  • Artificial flowers to lighten the mood