Income Guide

Let's identify how much income you can generate

  • Private office: $50/day, up to $1,500.00/month
  • Meeting room: $25/hour, up to $1,500.00/month
  • Conference room: $50/hour, up to $3,000.00/month
  • Cubicle: $35/day, up to $1,050.00/month
  • Open desk: $25/day, up to $750.00/month
  • Podcast studio: $50/hour, up to $3,000.00/month
  • Photo studio: $50/hour, up to $3,000.00/month
  • Video studio: $50/hour, up to $3,000.00/month
  • Broadcast studio: $50/hour, up to $3,000.00/month
  • Here's a comparison of local listings in Dallas, TX so you can see the range of prices and identify a price that works for you