Listing Guide


A great listing covers your space in close detail highlighting all the various aspects that clients want to know before they book. Here is a listing guide to help you cover these important areas. When you're ready to create your listing, book your free listing session with us to cover these important areas:

  • Features: standing desk, large table and chairs, fast wifi
  • Benefits: ergonomic work, host a professional presentation, productivity
  • Location: next door to restaurants, close to freeway, water view
  • Photos

    Photos are your #1 sales tool! Great photos of your space keep bringing in Clients, regardless of how great the space is and can even supercede a negative review. We're currently running a Photography Promotion where we will get new listing photos done of your space absolutely free when you list on! Book your free photography session with us after you publish your listing. Great photos are:

  • Clean and neat
  • Highlight the listing's most attractive features
  • Accessorized with delightful details