Performance Guide


Photos are your #1 sales tool! Great photos of your space keep bringing in Clients, regardless of how great the space is and can even supercede a negative review. We're currently running a Photography Promotion where we will get new listing photos done of your space absolutely free when you list on! Book your free photography session with us after you publish your listing. Great photos are:

  • Clean and neat
  • Highlight the listing's most attractive features
  • Accessorized with delightful details
  • Reviews

    Reviews are your second best sales tool. Great reviews validate a listing and give social proof of its value. To get great reviews, ensure you are:

  • Responding to inquiries and messages promptly
  • Keeping your space clean and ready for the next Client
  • Anticipating Client needs before they arise
  • Client service

    Happy clients grow your business for you. We provide a number of infrastructure tools absolutely free to help you provide a great experience for Clients:

  • Provide a laminate onsite to help answer frequently asked questions before they arise
  • Reliable, user-friendly technology that's simple and easy to use
  • Create a walkthrough video so Clients can get a more thorough feel of your space before they book or check in. You can use your smartphone and upload it to YouTube absolutely free, contact us to get it up on your listing